Friday, February 01, 2008

Hangin' with homeschoolers

If you know me you know I'm a pretty social person. So it's probably kind of strange that we have spent little time with homeschool groups in the past twelve years. That's not to say that we don't have friends who are homeschoolers, lots of them are, but we see them individually, not as part of a group.

We haven't felt like we needed the group experience. The kids never really seemed to enjoy going. They have their friends and we don't need a group for field trips.

For the past five months I have been teaching a world history and geography class for a group of homeschoolers. This is the first time in years that we have regularly been around a group of homeschoolers. I have enjoyed getting to know the kids and some of the moms. It is a pretty laid back bunch. (They have to be to deal with my crazy ADD style!) The boys are making friends and really enjoying the new contacts. It makes me think that maybe we should try again to find a group.

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