Thursday, August 23, 2007

Not back to school

I've been hearing about all of the cool not-back-to-school activities that people have been doing. We did something really exciting this year. We went shopping!

Yup, shopping. We spent over six hours searching for three items: a pair of black dress shoes for #2 son, and a pair of tennis shoes and a pair of black dress pants for #3 son.

The tennis shoes were easy. The black dress pants were almost impossible. Apparently the folks who make kids' clothes don't understand that some of us still believe in dressing up. They also don't seem to understand that there are LOTS of skinny kids out there. For all the talk about childhood obesity, I know way more moms with skinny boys than fat ones! Most of the pants made Andrew look like he was trying to leave room for smuggling something.

And then we have the black dress shoes. Why oh why did my children all get weird feet? The kind of feet that cheap shoes won't fit? It caused me tremendous pain to have to spend $80 for shoes for a rapidly growing 14yo. But we tried on over 20 pairs at a number of stores, and these were the only ones that didn't hurt.

So that was our exciting NBTS adventure. Next, NBTS housecleaning!

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Throwback Mom said...

I hear you on the pants. Try finding black dress pants when your two store choices are Wal Mart or Pamida. I have four skinny skinny boys (they don't get it from their mom!) So I understand. I feel like we've been a bit on the same path, I also went to school for teaching, but never did the student teaching because by the I'd realized that it would be a waste of my time. it was not the career for me. But I love guiding the education, the real learning of my sons. That is a joy!